City of Elizabethtown, Kentucky


City Departments

City Council

The City of Elizabethtown is served by the Mayor and six Council members. The City Council formally meets the first and third Monday of the month in the Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall at 4:30pm.

The City Council also sessions on the second and fourth Monday of the month in the City Council Chambers at 4:30pm.

Cindy Walker

Council Member since January 2015

Terry Shipp

Council Member from July 2013 to present

Tony Bishop

Council Member from November 1995 to 2008, and January 2011 to present

Marty Fulkerson

Council Member since November 2000

Bobby Tabb

Council Member since January 2015

Ron Thomas

Council Member from January 1984 to April 1995, and January 1999 to present


The Administrative Department implements City policies through the activities of city departments and management of the annual budget. The Administrative Department houses a number of offices including that of the Mayor, Executive Assistant, City Clerk, and Personnel.

  • Contact:

    • Edna Berger, Mayor
    • Charlie Bryant, Executive Assistant
    • Kelly Johnson, Executive Secretary
    • Mary Chaudoin, City Clerk
    • Deborah L. Shaw, City Attorney
  • Phone:


  • Fax:


  • E-mail:

    Kelly Johnson

  • Hours:

    Mon-Thurs, 8am-5pm; Friday, 8am-4:30pm

  • Location:

    3rd Floor of City Hall

  • Address:

    P.O. Box 550
    200 West Dixie Avenue
    Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Twelve City Departments manage day-to-day responsibilities of the City and special programs as directed by the Mayor.

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining and attesting to official records of the City. The City Clerk prepares the agenda for all City Council meetings, and keeps records of all regular and special City Council meetings and issues information concerning actions taken by the Council and the Mayor. The City Clerk also records and files deeds, easements, contracts, leases, and other official documents.

The Personnel Office coordinates personnel administration including employee hiring and benefits. Employment application forms and application procedures can be obtained in the Personnel Office.

The Administrative Office coordinates the following Special Programs:


The Engineering Department is responsible for ensuring the quality of design and construction of new public facilities, and the maintenance and archiving of City utility records.

The quality of design and construction of new facilities is ensured through the process of plan review, construction inspection, and final acceptance of the facilities for public maintenance. These facilities include City streets, water, sanitary sewer and gas lines, sidewalks, drainage ways, and park facilities. The Engineering Department reviews improvement plans for new facilities prior to construction. Throughout the construction phase of the project, the Engineering Department performs inspections and approves the new construction upon completion.

The Engineering Department has developed a computerized Geographical Information System (GIS). The GIS contains topographic maps, utilities, zoning, and other information useful to residents, industry, developers, and City departments. Now, and increasingly in the future, a wide variety of information will be linked using its geographic location. Aerial photography used within the GIS has been recently updated (March 2007) to reflect growth and physical changes within our community.

For copies of available maps and other GIS services, contact Gerald Cole, GIS Administrator.

GIS Digital/Hardcopy
Map Price List


The Finance Department is responsible for billing and collecting City property taxes, business license fees, occupational taxes, insurance premium taxes, transient room taxes, and managing the Elizabethtown City Cemetery, as well as managing the City of Elizabethtown's finances.

City taxes are used to fund general government services including fire, police, recreation, planning, engineering, and public works. Tax monies are not used to fund any utility services.

The property tax rate is set annually and payments can be made by mail or at the tax office located on the first floor of City Hall. For additional information, call 270-765-6121.

Currently the City of Elizabethtown imposes a $25.00 Minimum License Fee for the privilege of conducting a business in the City. Also imposed is 1.35% occupational tax on gross salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation earned for work done or services performed in the City. Employers are required to withhold said tax and remit it to the City quarterly. A copy of the ordinance and other forms can be picked up at the Tax Office located on the first floor of City Hall. For additional information, call 270-765-6121.

The Insurance Premium Tax is collected from each insurance company issuing any insurance policy which is not a life or health policy. A tax rate of eight percent (8%) of premiums collected on insurance policies for risks located within the city limits of Elizabethtown is due no later than thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar quarter. All monies received are deposited in the Fire Protection Sinking Fund and used only for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining fire equipment and personnel. Additional information about the Insurance Premium Tax may be obtained by calling 270-765-6121.

The Transient Room Tax was established for the purpose of promoting convention and tourist activity in Elizabethtown. A transient room tax of three percent (3%) of the rent for occupancy of a suite or room charged by all motels, hotels, inns or similar business is imposed. This tax shall be paid to the Treasurer no later than the 30th day following the past month in which said tax was charged. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau at 270-765-2175 or 270-765-6121.

Other duties of the Finance Department include managing day to day computer operations, issuance of City payroll checks and filing pertinent tax forms, preparing the City's budget, providing a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, reviewing invoices and purchase orders, and providing other departments with budget performances and financial planning.


  • Contact:

    Mark Malone, Fire Chief

  • Phone:


  • Fax:


  • E-mail:

  • Hours:

    Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4pm

  • Locations:

    • (Headquarters) 380 Ring Road
    • (Station #2) 621 E. Dixie
    • (Station #3) 1850 Ring Road

Elizabethtown Fire Station #2
(621 East Dixie Avenue)

Elizabethtown Fire Station #3
(1850 Ring Road)

Elizabethtown Fire Tower

The City of Elizabethtown Fire Department has a full-time, paid fire department with 50 employees to provide around-the-clock coverage. The City has a Class-4 ISO Rating. Three fire stations serve the city:

  • Elizabethtown Fire Station #1 (380 Ring Road)
  • Elizabethtown Fire Station #2 (621 East Dixe Avenue)
  • Elizabethtown Fire Station #3 (1850 Ring Road)
  • Elizabethtown Fire Tower

To prevent fires, the Fire Department annually inspects over 1300 commercial occupancies in the City to identify conditions likely to cause fires or life safety hazards to the public or employees. The Fire Department also sponsors public fire education activities through response to individual questions, home visits, school and civic programs and Industrial Fire Prevention Programs for industrial businesses in the community. Firefighters also perform a Home Inspection Survey by visiting neighborhoods throughout the City checking for the use of smoke detectors and proper house numbering.

The Fire Department responds to emergency calls including fires of all types:

  • Extrication of persons trapped in motor vehicle accidents
  • Extrication of persons trapped in industrial and farm machinery
  • Aircraft crash and rescue
  • Hazardous materials releases for the purposes of rescue
  • Decontaminations of affected persons
  • Control or confinement of the leaking material
  • First responder medical aid
  • Technical Rescue, Confined Space and Trench

The Fire Department makes every effort to determine the cause of all fires that occur within the city and investigate all life hazard conditions. Records are transmitted to the Kentucky State Fire Marshal's Office for the identification of current trends in fire occurrences. When fires are determined to be incendiary in nature, the Fire Department coordinates with the Police Department to identify and seek prosecutions of the parties responsible.

The Fire Department also identifies at-risk juveniles who are involved in fire-setting at their families property or the property of others. The Fire Department works with juvenile authorities as a support resource when fire-setters have been identified.

The Fire Department is involved in emergency pre-planning on the local, county, state and federal level in conjunction with local and state Disaster Officials.

Locally, the Fire Department tours and documents buildings and facilities to ensure that personnel are familiar with the building in the event of an emergency.

Fire Fighters maintain a minimum of 100 hours of training annually to insure that emergency response is as efficient as possible, and to stay current with the latest in fire response methods.

The Fire Department provides special training for Emergency Medical, all types of rescue, and Hazardous Material Response.

The Fire Department maintains a staffed office for answering fire and safety questions from public, business, and industry.

Natural Gas

Tap Fees
Inside City Limits $400
Outside City Limits $500
Meter Deposits
Residential $50
Commercial $100
Other Charges
After hours inspection $25
Contact the Gas Administrative Office for information on the availability of natural gas service and applicable fees.

Main extension estimates are available by request. Contact the Gas Administrative Office for details and estimated cost.

The Elizabethtown Natural Gas Department manages the City owned and operated natural gas distribution system, consisting of over 200 miles of distribution piping, serving approximately 8,000 customers in Hardin and Meade counties. The Natural Gas Department operates and maintains the gas system with the highest regard for the safety of the public, its customers, and its employees. The Natural Gas Department is staffed with 15 employees trained and experienced in instrumentation, inspection procedures, construction techniques, and management of natural gas system operations.

As a customer or someone who lives or works near our pipelines and facilities, your safety is our number one priority. To ensure this, the City has programs to monitor the natural gas distribution system including, but not limited to, regularly scheduled compliance inspections, leakage surveys, and corrosion control.

Services of the Elizabethtown Natural Gas Department include:

  • Inspection of new and replacement customer piping systems, appliances, and equipment free of charge (during normal hours)
  • 24-hour response service for emergencies, smelling of gas, or other customer concern calls (free of charge)
  • 24 hour service - 270-765-6121
  • Emergencies - 911
  • Before "U" Dig - 800-752-6007

Pipeline Identification

Gas Pipeline

To identify locations of underground piping and facilities in rural areas, pipeline markers are used. These markers are typically located at road and railroad crossings as well as along the pipeline right of ways.

The markers display:

  • The material transported in the line
  • The name of the pipeline operator
  • A 24-hour emergency telephone number

Marker Information

  • Does not show exact location of the line
  • Does not indicate depth
  • Does not indicate pipeline pressure

Call Before You Dig

Statistics indicate that damage from excavation related activities is the leading cause of pipeline accidents. If you are planning to excavate for any reason, follow these guidelines:

  1. Call Kentucky Underground Protection Inc. @ 1-800-752-6007 as the law requires
  2. Wait two business days after you call before digging
  3. If after two business days there are no markings, call the gas department to confirm that there are no natural gas lines in the vicinity of planned excavation at 270-765-6121
  4. Dig with care!

Protecting Your Gas Meter

Natural gas meters are located above ground. Because of this, meter piping is susceptible to dangers that buried piping may not be. Listed below are suggestions to better protect your meter loop.

  1. Keep any above ground piping painted
  2. Avoid planting landscape close to your meter loop. Roots can damage the coating on underground pipe. It can also restrict personnel from reading the meter and performing routine maintenance
  3. Avoid putting stress on your meter loops or attaching any metallic material to your meter loop because this can cause interference with cathodic protection
  4. Avoid placing the meter where it will be susceptible to third-party damage. Call the gas department concerning meter location, piping systems, and meter protections at 270-765-6121

Other Concerns

If your meter has been replaced due to routine maintenance and gas service left off, or if you suspect any problem, please call 270-765-6121 to have your service restored or to report your concerns.

Leak Recognition

Natural gas is colorless, odorless, and lighter than air. An odorant has been added giving it a very distinct smell so a leak can be readily detected. Other indicators of a possible natural gas leak include but are not limited to:

  • A hissing or roaring sound caused by escaping gas,
  • Dead or discolored vegetation in an otherwise green area, or
  • Blowing dirt, grass, or leaves near the pipeline

Leak Response

  • Evacuate to an area upwind from the suspected leak immediately
  • Do not start motor vehicles or turn on electrical equipment including lights near the suspected leak
  • Do not light a match or create any other source of ignition
  • Warn others to stay away from the area
  • Call 911 to notify fire and police departments once you have reached a safe area
  • Call the City of Elizabethtown Natural Gas Department to report the possible leak at 270-765-6121

Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Planning & Development

The Department of Planning and Development responsibilities include planning, development review, building and electrical inspections, project administration and enforcement of various City ordinances and codes. The department staff consists of ten professional and support staff involved in various aspects of planning and code enforcement. A major role of the department is to coordinate the review and analysis of development projects to assure their compliance with City guidelines, standards and regulations.

The review of development projects is achieved through the subdivision design review process and a specific site development plan review. Through these review processes, the department staff assures implementation of the community Comprehensive Plan guidelines, the standards of the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Regulations.

The community has adopted the Kentucky Building Code and the Kentucky Residential Code to govern new building construction. Building plan review, the issuance of construction permits and the subsequent inspection of construction activity are performed by the department to assure that all new buildings meet these statewide code standards. Additionally, the department performs inspections for all electrical work completed for projects within the city limits.

Minimum property, building and nuisance standards for existing buildings are also enforced by the department. These standards are applicable for all property in the community and regulate the general maintenance of property to address aspects of mowing, garbage removal, junk, and inoperable vehicles. These regulations are administered by the department on a complaint basis. In the enforcement of these regulations a citation may be issued by the inspector for any violation.

Department staff also provides support to various citizen boards including the Planning Commission,, Board of Zoning Adjustment, Code Enforcement Board and Code Appeals Board. These boards meet on a regular basis to assure community involvement in the governing process.

The department also oversees special projects that help implement the plan and goals of the City through grants administration under various federal and state programs. Examples of some of the programs are Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Kentucky Housing Corporation HOME, KY Transportation Cabinet Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), Renaissance Kentucky and the Community Rivers and Streams program.


  • Phone:

    270-360-0207 (admin/public information/records)
    270-765-4125 (communications/dispatch)
    270-360-0303 (detectives section)
    270-360-0403 (public safety garage)

  • Contact:

    • Jamie Land, Chief of Police
    • Kelli Sloan, Deputy Chief
    • David Feggett, Deputy Chief
  • E-mail:

  • Fax:


  • Hours:

    Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm

  • Address:

    300 South Mulberry Street
    Elizabethtown, KY 42701

  • Web Site:

The Elizabethtown Police Department responds to emergency calls of all types and enforces laws and local ordinances. The Police Department has:

  • 49 officers
  • 8 dispatchers
  • 1 Dispatch Supervisor
  • 1 school crossing guard
  • 3 office personnel
  • 3 mechanics
  • 1 parking enforcement employee

The Police Department operates 24 hours a day to service the needs of the community.

Public Works

The Department of Public Works has 41 full time employees divided into several divisions with different areas of responsibility.

Administrative Division: Traces water, sewer and gas lines, makes departmental purchases, dispatches workers, keeps records and performs other clerical duties.
Garage Division: Maintains and repairs city vehicles and equipment, excluding fire and police vehicles.
Street Services Division: Organizes brush, junk and leaf pick ups. The Street Services Division also mows and maintains rights of way, installs and maintains street signage and pavement markings, maintains city owned areas, and sweeps city streets.
Street Construction Division: Repairs and maintains city streets, removes snow and ice in the winter, and constructs some city streets.
Water and Sewer Division: Repairs and maintains the city water distribution system and waste water collection system. Waterleak repair, sewer blockage, and new service connections are also a responsibility of the Water and Sewer Division.

The Public Works Department has special brush, leaf, and junk pick ups throughout the year. These programs are all free to City residents.

Brush Pick Up: Brush Pick Up occurs daily, except during leaf season (October - December) and the Spring Clean Up during April. Residents should stack all large piles of brush as close to the street as possible. Limbs should be cut into sections, not to exceed 12 feet in length, with the butt ends together. Medium piles of brush should be cut into sections, not to exceed 4 feet in length, with butt ends together and as close to the street as possible. Any loose branches or yard debris should be tied into bundles, using string or twine. No bags will be picked up by City crews, except during the fall leaf season.
Leaf Pick Up: Leaf Pick Up takes place October - December. The Department will pick up leaves by two methods: (1) Clear bags, and (2) Loose leaf pick up of leaves placed at curb side will be vacuumed. These should be leaves only and not include brush. Clear bags may be purchased from the Department for a nominal fee.
Spring Clean Up: Spring Clean Up is for items not picked up by trash haulers. Junk cannot include garbage, hazardous materials, liquids (paint, oil, antifreeze, etc.), construction debris, tires or junk autos. Refrigerators, air conditioners, central air units, freezers, will only be picked up if the freon has been removed and has a tag stating that is was removed.

The Public Works Department coordinates the Adopt-a-Street program. Through the Adopt-a-Street program special interest groups volunteer to provide trash pick-up, cleaning or beautification of selected City streets.

Storm Water

With the appointment of the Director on March 6, 2006, the City created the Department of Stormwater Management.

The department was conceived to:
  • Respond to the City's growing regulatory responsibilities in the areas of the KPDES Phase 2 program, stormwater management, and flood control,
  • Plan for and integrate, at the watershed level, the City's overall stormwater goals into its future growth as a community,
  • Improve, through increased maintenance and system capacity enhancements, the stormwater capabilities of the City's current stormwater system.

To achieve these goals, the Department of Stormwater Management continues its focus on:

  • Anticipating development on a regional basis, with the placement of regional detention and other major drainage facilities.
  • Performing flood plain management through the enforcement of FEMA floodplain regulations and administering the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Addressing stormwater needs and floodplain management for current development within the City through plan review.
  • Maintaining existing flood control facilities.
  • Solving capacity problems within the existing built stormwater system through retrofitting system improvements and detention.
  • Maintaining major culverts, ditches, and creeks.
  • Undertaking major and minor construction projects and local maintenance projects with broad neighborhood impact.

KPDES Phase II Program

The City of Elizabethtown is continuing a program to improve stormwater quality within the City. If you have a question about stormwater or want to report a condition that needs our inspection or attention, please email our office at Alternately, we welcome your call or personal visit.

This portion of our web page will continue to grow in the future. In the interim, you may want to view the following sites to become more informed about stormwater and the goals of our Kentucky Stormwater Phase II SMS4 General Permit:

The KPDES Phase II program continues in each of the following areas.

  1. Public Education and Outreach - Informational brochures, developed with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, are available at our office and in select brochure racks around Elizabethtown.

  2. Public Involvement/Participation - You can contact us about creekside clean ups and other programs that are scheduled for the year.

  3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination - Get involved in the local Creekwatch program (426Kb PDF). Contact us about any suspicious dry weather discharges.

  4. Construction Site Runoff Control - Our Construction Site Runoff Control program is governed by City Ordinance No. 01-2007 ( 46Kb PDF). An Erosion and Sediment Control permit is required for all land disturbances. The City continues to develop our catalog of Best Management Practices (BMP's) to address the erosion and sediment control needs for owners, engineers, and contractors.

  5. Post-Construction Management for Development and Re-Development - Our post-construction stormwater requirements are governed by the City Ordinance No. 07-2012 ( 46Kb PDF) The latest stormwater design standards for development can also be found within this ordinance.

  6. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping - Our BMP's include measures for homeowners and businesses that want to make a difference in the quality of our waterways.

If you have a question about stormwater, our programs, or want to report a condition that needs our inspection or attention, please email our office at Alternately, we welcome your call or personal visit.

FEMA FIRM Maps and Flood Insurance Study

The Department of Stormwater Management is the repository for the City's FIRM mapping and companion Flood Insurance Study. The maps, study, and the local flood damage prevention City Ordinance No. 27-2007 (157Kb PDF) are the basis for the locally administered National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Flood mapping can be accessed directly through the FEMA Map Service Center. You can create and print a FIRMETTE of your property that illustrates its proximity to any nearby regulatory floodplain.


The Wastewater Department operates and maintains facilities which provide Elizabethtown treatment of its wastewater. Wastewater is treated at the Valley Creek Wastewater Plant. Wastewater Department is staffed with 27 employees. Support functions within the department include the maintenance shop, State certified bacteriological and inorganic chemical laboratories, and pretreatment program administration.

 Design Capacity: 13,000,000 gallons per day
 Average Daily Flow: 5,920,000 gallons per day
 Type of Treatment: Primary and Secondary
 Treatment Process: Rag removal, grit removal, Oxidation ditch process, secondary settling, chlorination and dechlorination and then discharge to Valley Creek
 Size of Sanitary Mains: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 24 and 42 inches
 Size of Storm Mains: 10, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inches

The responsibility of the pretreatment program administration is to enforce Elizabethtown's Sewer Use Ordinance as it pertains to commercial, industrial, and residential wastewater discharges. Primary activity deals with the inspection and monitoring of industrial activities and pretreatment facilities. Wastewater discharge from these facilities is tested on a regular basis to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements.

State certified laboratories provide analytical services to support plant operations, monitor industrial discharges, and fulfill regulatory reporting requirements.

Smoke testing is an efficient and cost-effective method of locating major sources of inflow (stormwater) and infiltration (groundwater) that can cause sanitary sewer overflows (SSO's) and disrupt normal wastewater treatment plant operations. SSO's are a threat to public health, negatively impact the environment, and are costly to cleanup.

Smoke testing involves forcing of a non-toxic, almost odorless, non-staining smoke into the sanitary sewer system for testing purposes. When the liquid is injected into the manhole system, it atomizes into visible smoke and any outlets connected to the sewer will vent the smoke. Field crews will observe from the street any outlet exiting smoke. While most people will not notice the smoke, the possibility exists for smoke to enter a residence via plumbing defects in the home and dry drain traps. A drain trap is an S-shaped curvature in drainage piping that holds a level of water to block gasses from the residence. Traps located in areas not used regularly will normally dry out. To prepare for smoke testing, pour a gallon of water into each seldom used floor and sink drain.

The smoke that is manufactured specifically for this type of testing is not dangerous or toxic, leaves no residual stains, and has no lasting effects on living beings. For specific information about the smoke product please visit the manufacturers web site at LiquiSmoke test data and safety information can be found in the download center section.

City personnel will place door hangers on all residences within the test area several days prior to smoke testing.

Utilities Office

The Utilities Office is responsible for billing customers for City gas and sewer services. The Utilities Office also offers budget billing for homeowners who wish to participate.

Natural Gas Information
 Source: Texas Gas Transmission Corporation
 Size of Transmission
26 inch (supplier)
6 and 8 inch (distributor)
 Distribution Mains: 1-6 inches
 Distribution Pressure: 30-35 psi
 BTU Content: 1,004 BTU per cubic feet

Bills, notices, and refunds are mailed to the customer at the address listed on file at the Utilities office. Meters are read and billed monthly. Bills are due and payable by the due date printed at top of bill. If bills are not paid within ten days, services may be terminated without further notice. Automatic Bank withdrawal is available by completing an application form at the Utilities Office.

To discontinue service, notice must be given to the Utilities office. Otherwise, the customer shall remain liable for all services used until the notification is given.